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Are you thinking of becoming a volunteer for the young peoples project - Changes YP?

Q - How much time do I need to give ?
A -
Its up to you. A couple of hours a week or a few hours a month.

Q - How long do I have to volunteer for?
A -
How long is a piece of string? Whether its something you want to do over the summer or more long term its up to you.

Q - Will it cost me to volunteer?
A -
NO! Changes cover the cost for second-class travel to and from the place of work i.e. Mileage or bus fare, plus parking. We currently offer a mileage rate of 35p per mile. We also provide a meal allowance to those working around lunchtime or for at least 4 hours a day. There is also a limited amount of childcare costs. (Please speak to your Youth Liaison officer for availability).

Q - Will I get training?
A -
In whatever role you take as part of the Changes service you will be offered support, guidance, encouragement, supervision and ongoing training. This maybe ì In house trainingî or the opportunity to undertake our open college network accredited training programme.

Q - Can I do voluntary work when I'm claiming benefits?
A -
YES! Anyone claiming benefits can work as a volunteer, but depending on what type of benefit you receive will depend on how many hours you can volunteer.  (Please ask if you require more information on your type of benefit).

Q - What's in it for me?
A -
Working as a volunteer can give you:

-  Great satisfaction knowing that your time is well spent and your efforts appreciate.
-  Help to build your own confidence and self esteem.
-  Extra training and qualifications.
-  Help you to meet people 'in the same boat'.
-  Gives you useful work experience.
-  It can help you get on with your life in spite of past problems or difficulties - and loads more!

Q - What will I be doing?
A -
Whatever role suits you best.  Our volunteer liaison Officer will discuss a variety of roles with you. These could be:

-  Co-ordinating/Assisting the mutual help support groups.
-  Administration/Clerical
-  Sending out promotional and publicity material, attending outside events promoting and publicising the service - and loads more.

Q - Who can volunteer for changes YP?
A -
You can volunteer for changes YP at any age between 16-25. (13 to 16 year olds can participate with our forums ).  If you are over 25 years why not contact our adults or older persons branches to check out their volunteering opportunities.

Q - What is expected of me?
A -
Here at Changes YP we are dedicated and committed to the principals  of recovery.  Changes YP aims to provide an environment where everyone is supported to be part of our team, encouraging each other in all roles and duties.

If you are still unsure if Changes YP is for you, then take a look at some of our volunteers comments.
Stepping stone to help you back to work'

-  'Volunteering work is great for your CV'
-  'Helps me to get motivated'
-  'Everyone is welcome and non judgemental'
-  'Feel like Iím part of something'
-  'It's great to feel like you are making a difference'
-  'Helps me to be able to help others'
-  'It's great, I have loads of fun'

If you require any more information about our service or volunteering opportunities contact Julyann on 01782 411 433 or Email

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