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Making Changes - Improve your Mental Fitness

FREE Informal Freindly Workshops for those wishing to improve their mental fitness.

Amongst other relevant issues, the workshops will cover:
Mental distress and mental wellbeing
Confidence, self-esteem and aspirations
Link between physical and mental health
Personal evaluation  taking stock
Developing an accurate self-image
Social determinants of mental health
Emotional literacy and intelligence
When 'Feelings are not facts'
Keeping a Wellbeing Journal
Setting and achieving goals
Types of feelings
Using a Wellness Action Plan (WAP)
Challenging and changing unhealthy thinking
Healthy behaviours, exercise, relaxation and diet

All workshops are rolling 8 week programmes.
You don't have to wait for week 1 to come around again,
you can start on any week of the course.

6 Workshops x 3 hours each

For further information regarding
Changes Wellbeing workshops,
please contact Paul on:
telephone 01782 413101

Positive Mental Attitude
Realising Your Potential
Accurate Self-image
Emotional Wellbeing

Coping with Stress
Calm and Relaxed
Healthy Lifestyle

**open to existing members, other mental health service users & general public**

Current Ongoing Workshops

Changes Wellbeing Centre
Victoria Court, Booth Street,
Stoke ST4 4AL

Mondays  6.00pm - 9.00pm
Start Date: 20/2/2012
Coordinator: Paul S

Wednesdays  1.30pm - 4..30pm
Start Date: 22/2/2012
Coordinator: Paul S


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