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Changes User Comments

"Changes is a safe, kind place. The group has helped me through one of the most traumatic and painful times of my life. I would like to thank everyone involved in helping me to get better. I also know there is a group of people who are always there to help me. Thank you." Anon

"Changes provides a very positive force for good. I have found that the permanent nature of the groups meant that I was able to ease myself in gradually. My fear of speaking-out gradually lessened so that I now feel relaxed and able to bring up issues that are important to me.

The organisation of the meetings allows for time to be spent on issues which need to be looked at in depth, but also ensures that everyone has the opportunity to speak. Those quieter members know that there will be an opportunity for their needs to be voiced and attended to. I have found all the co-ordinators have guided the sessions sensitively.

The use of goals is a positive way to focus attention on moving forward and allows us to see that we are indeed making some progress" Peter L

"I found Changes welcoming, efficient, friendly and caring. It helped me considerably. I was also made to feel that my input was helpful and I always felt that my opinion was valued." Olga R

"I have been attending Changes for approximately 5 months and I feel that I need to thank everyone connected with your service. I hope that I have offered a little bit of comfort to some people as I know that everyone has been a great comfort to myself during my troubled." Anon

"Changes certainly filled a gap in service provision for me. I have found the 12 steps approach really does work. As a result of gradually understanding them things are really falling into place for me. CHANGES does everything it says it does -it provides information, support and companionship.

In particular CHANGES has enabled me to realise I am not 'different' or 'beyond help'" Rick

"It is an effort for me to come to CHANGES but I keep going with their help. I think the organisation helps a lot of people. I've seen people change" Johanna S

"I think Changes is an excellent group - I don't know where I would be without it. I especially like the fact that although we all have problems there is still room for humour in our meetings as well as tears. It is so important to laugh - to me this is like medicine and almost acts as a tranquillizer as it manages to distract me from my problem.

Nevertheless, our problems (no matter how trivial they may seem) are all taken seriously. There is no judging or patronising - we are all treated with respect. I have rarely met a more tolerant group of people where any newcomer is instantly made welcome. Keep up the good work -we need you!" Alice G

"At Changes I can talk openly and feel at ease at the same time. The members there inspire me. I'm motivated into being more positive" Ralph

"When you're a child learning to ride a bike and you keep falling off, you would feel scared to get back on, so your dad might have held the bike steady as you tried to ride it again.  This is how I see Changes, they are there as support and comfort for people and it helps the service users to grow in confidence and get better through being able to ride without any help and the sense of being in control of their lives again." Darren

"Mental illness is so overwhelming that many people don't think they'll ever begin to get better, Changes helps you to believe that you can get better. I have definitely seen how the 12 steps have helped others as well as myself." Carol

"It feels like everyone is equal I know that the co-ordinator takes the meeting but everyone just chips in here and there and gives their advice and support and we all help each other."  Sophie

"By coming to meetings and becoming a volunteer, it built up my confidence and assertiveness and it made me more able to cope with day to day life"  William

"They look at me like a real person and my opinions are valued just like everyone else's.  It was reassuring to find that other people in the group had suffered the same problems as me." Marie

"It's nice to know that people there really listen to you and understand your feelings and problems.  I felt able to talk about things that I had never told anyone else things I didn't want to burden my family with." Martin

"It's nice to know that Changes was set up to help people with mental health problems - because people really wanted to help and make a difference, it wasn't done for money or to make a profit  but to help, and people really understand.  When you're talking about how you have been feeling and they nod in agreement  they really do know what it's like because they've been there themselves."  Marie

"My partner wouldn't come along himself, he's quite shy.  But I found everyone was really friendly to me and it helped me to understand what my partner must be feeling.  It also gave me ideas on how I could help him." Hazel

Mental Health Weekly Support Group

"By volunteering and helping out in the Changes office, I found something I really enjoyed and something that I was quite good at!  It gave me the confidence to think that I could cope with paid job, and also something I could add to my CV." Jim

"It was the lifeline that gave me back my self esteem and confidence to rebuild my life"  Jackie C

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